Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ch ch ch ch Changes

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
                              - N.V. Peale

Lately, a Red Admiral butterfly has been frequenting my front door whenever I step outside, fluttering around my head and perching on my shoulder. They are a very "people friendly" butterfly so he may have just been saying "hello" or checking on the soon-to-be-blooming "bee bush" by my front door. I  make it a practice to put cantaloupe, watermelon and orange rinds out for the butterflies and birds along the hedgerow at the back of my yard. (Catbirds love watermelon; at least mine do.) A few days ago I stood amidst a huge kaleidoscope of butterflies, Red Admirals and Painted Ladies, feasting on the juice from a cantaloupe rind. The feast lasted all day and into the early evening. (I'm sure dancing commenced after I went inside.) And by the next morning, they had all had their fill.

I learned long ago to pay attention  when a fellow creature makes its presence known to me. Butterflies, because of their life cycle, signify change, and most certainly, I have been going through some changes; in my work and my personal life. Change frightens a lot of people, but for me, it's a welcome event, bursting forth with new ideas when I am feeling stagnant and helping to redefine my life when I've lost my direction. So I have bravely challenged myself to try new things with my work and my day to day life and so far, so good!

One of the biggest changes happened just yesterday, May 4th. My oldest son graduated medical school and is now a surgeon and will continue with his residency in Orlando, Florida for the next five years. It's a big change for me. He has been relatively close by for the last four years and both he and his brother, along with my daughter-in-law, have helped me through difficult times. I will miss him terribly yet I am so incredibly excited for him.

So change is definitely in the air. When I returned home it seemed everything had grown another few inches. That marvelous "new growth" smell is in the air, and there are now buds being birthed on my trumpet vine, just waiting to open up to this year's flock of hummingbirds.

So I say to you Mr. Red Admiral, "Welcome. Let's Fly"

FYI: a group of butterflies may be called,
Lek (means a gathering)


  1. Love the "flutter-by's" as my Mom used to call them sometimes! I'd forgotten about fruit rinds as treats; thank you for the reminder. Next time we buy a melon, I am going to try this, too! And thanks as well for the wonderful glimpses, via your sketches and words, into your Artful life.