Sunday, October 7, 2012

They Always Come Home, (hopefully)

No profound thoughts this week I'm afraid. Saturday was the first of my three shows this fall so I spent much of the week framing and wrapping prints. This meant I had little time to get outside and sketch. But I did encounter something wonderful in my own back yard that truly lifted my spirits.

One of my greatest disappointments has been the disappearance of the glass lizards from The Crooked Little House. My first spring at TCLH I discovered them by the woodpile lazily moving about, not too threatened by my sudden appearance, and was immediately enthralled with the gorgeous creatures. Coming from New England, I had never seen one before. But after a couple of years they had vanished from the yard. And now, many years later, like kids just out of college, they have returned home.

Early one evening, Buddha was perched on his favorite chair by the back door, and I noticed he was staring intently at something at the base of the back steps. When I peeked out, there was my glass lizard, waiting for his dinner to walk or crawl by. Of course I had to go out and say, "Welcome Home" and do a couple of sketches. I so wanted to pick him up, but because they drop their tails so easily hence the name glass lizard or glass snake as some people call them, I resisted the urge. You can see in the sketches, this one had already lost a piece and the new section of his tail has grown back a lighter color. While my hair is turning gray showing my age, this beauty shows he's an adult with a greenish color on top and yellow below.

Sadly, their numbers are declining in certain areas because of, you guessed it, loss of habitat. Build another house and like dominoes, it affects everything down the line. But today I won't dwell on that because I have a return, a glass lizard has found a sanctuary at The Crooked Little House.

PS: Since I always have a sketch book with me, I did this little pencil sketch at the show in Duck, NC between customers. Never got to finish it, but that's a good thing because I had lots of customers.

"What do they call it...the primordial soup? The glop? That heartbreaking second when it all got together, the sugars and the acids and the ultraviolets, and the next thing you knew there were tangerines and string quartets."              - Edward Albee

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