Sunday, December 23, 2012

Solstice Observations

The Winter Solstice, one of my favorite days, signifies the return of the light from the darkness, since each day will now extend its length leading up to the renewal of life in the spring, though I prefer the idea of life still here, just resting and reflecting. This year, the solstice has brought forth its own version of a Christmas play, one in which confusion and beauty have equal parts on the stage at The Crooked Little House. It's all about timing after all.

The day emerged with strong winds buffeting the house and cold temperatures sending birds to the roosting box, where wee faces of Carolina Chickadees peeked out from the swaying structure in the cherry tree. But two male Red-Winged Blackbirds decided to stick around for much longer than usual to gorge on sunflower seeds. Don't they know it's December and they should be long gone?

Clouds bumbled overhead like a flock of blue-haired women, nudging each other and pointing the way. The Albemarle Sound which is across the street from TCLH was puffed up with whitecaps as far as the mainland, waves crashing onto the pavement, catching the wind and shooting spray upwards of four feet. Even the water level was playing chicken with the street, asking do I or don't I dare to cross?

But the most unusual performances came from the plants. I expected the camellia to have pushed out lots of buds in preparation for an explosion of pink and white blooms in a month or so. But my geranium has decided to join the cast and is now in full bloom with more buds tucked among the ochre tinged leaves. And my lovely quince is flowering way too early instead of in February when I really need the sight of something colorful in the drabness of winter.

Last year I had an ornamental cabbage that I let stay in the ground to see how long it would last. And to my surprise, like the last act in a play, it has encored into a fabulous patch of purple lace.

The Winter Solstice ended in perfection with a blood orange sunset swiped with a streak of crimson.

*I will have a household full of love visiting this coming week so please forgive me for taking next week off from writing a post. All of us at The Crooked Little House, with two legs, four, six or eight, scales and feathers and fur, wish you all a peace filled and joyous holiday season. Please be grateful for those you love and who love you, and keep a soft spot in your heart for everyone else.

"A man should look for what is, and not what he thinks should be."   -  Albert Einstein

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  1. Merry Christmas Elizabeth'
    As you enjoy your family and close friends,I'd like to share a term I know you are familiar with.
    "crepuscluar rays" otherwise known as
    Buddah's fingers,sun drawing water,ropes of maui.
    An atmospheric phenomena that gives the illusion of originating from a single point in the sky.
    It reminds me of you and your art,how you radiate as a single source of inspiration to all who view your drawings,read your books and follow your blog.
    best wishes,
    "and to all a good-night"