Sunday, February 17, 2013 keeping me waiting.

As I look out the window this morning at the dusting of crusty diamonds of snow, it's hard to focus on the subject of this week's post. This time of year something invades my body, taking over all logical thought and feelings. It's like I'm balanced on the edge of a precipice or sitting on a scary carnival ride waiting for it to begin. Electricity flows through my veins and everything seems exciting and possible with the best of life just over that rise in the road up ahead. The cause of all the upheaval - the promise of Spring of course.

The season of rebirth arrives earlier here on my island than in most places, floating in on the backs of grackles and blackbirds who spend the mornings squabbling at the feeders like sibling,s only instead of competing for an adult's attention, they compete for the best spot to gobble up seed and peanut butter. Spring perches in the nearby mimosa tree with the waxwings arriving by the dozens that stay only briefly before heading off to faraway lands. It erupts in my neighbor's yard through the cold soil as daffodils full of sunshine yellow.

I've cleaned and rehung the bird houses again in preparation for nest building which begins here in March. And my rosemary bush is drenched in blooms in an effort to lure the earliest of bees on a warm morning. My beloved cherry tree has lost another limb this winter but like my little cat Erb with his paralyzed leg, it doesn't take notice and still sees itself as whole and beautiful, sprouting luscious sap green leaves on its branches.

Spring brings hope and promises and new energy. I am absorbing all of it from everything that it budding, growing and blossoming. For I too am ready to bloom again.

"I shall be a dawn made of all the air I ever breathed."    Saint Geraud


  1. eagerly awaiting the vernal equinox!

  2. You've had snow? We haven't had any real snow up here for 2 years. I'm longing to see a couple of inches, or I'll feel that we have been cheated out of the beautiful part of winter.

  3. We've had it twice! I don't know if I have pics but if so, I'll send you one.