Sunday, February 10, 2013

Love is all we need.

Love is always perched nearby with a quiver of arrows ready to take aim, not just in February, but year round, day into night, minute into hour. It bubbles up and seeps under our skin in the guise of hope, compassion and friendship. The surprising thing about love is the variation of forms it takes, not always two-legged, but sometimes sprouting wings and scales or a with a whisper of air and a wash of color.

Things I love:

The grip of an Opossum's tail.
Carolina moons that light up my bedroom.
The way a snail can retract their eye stalk, one at a time.
The strength of a spiderweb.
The squeak and bravery of a Nuthatch.
The bravado of Spring clouds.
Star gazing at 3 am.
The hush of snow.
The electric call of the Chickadee.
A Thrasher's song, melodies to rival any Mockingbird.
Yellow bellied Sliders waiting for a handout.
The shine of a Glass Lizard's scales.
The flamingo-pink throat of an amorous Anole.
An orgy of  Leaf-Footed Bugs on the trumpet vine.
Flat frogs sticking to the door.
A wasp sipping water at the bird bath.
Yellow Rumped Warblers playing tag around the pergola.
Garden Snakes sunbathing in the driveway.
Flickers jackhammering the mimosa tree.
Fog on the beach, making you invisible, inch by inch.
Stroking a cold Bumble Bee in the early morning.
Carolina Mantis hatchlings, all eyes.
Pillars of airborne bugs in a shaft of afternoon sunlight.
The call of a Great Horned Owl in the dark.
A Mockingbird singing in the middle of the night.
Secret waterways.
The pattern of a Box Turtle.
A variety of birds at the feeders, all happily sharing the bounty.

"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."   -   Plato


  1. at times,i wish i had eye to keep on the future and one on the past...

  2. That's a beautiful poem. Would you mind if I shared that on FB w/ my friends (with you as the author of course)?