Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Quickie

Who doesn't love a quickie?!
So I offer you a quick little posting since I'm in the middle of a two day show.

Most of us tend to ignore the backside of our houses, concentrating more on what will appeal to visitors and us as we approach the front of the house. But outside my back door is a wee "meadow" of sorts between my house and the one next door. And each spring it erupts with thousands of honeysuckle blooms, appearing almost overnight as if a fairy waved a magic wand. It forces me to take notice of this wildness that is now carpeted like dotted Swiss and mixed with other wildflowers I still don't know the names of.

The come-hither fragrance of the honeysuckle creeps in through the kitchen window in the middle of the night, squeezing through the screen that is filled with Erb's body where he has wedged himself between the sill and an overhead stained glass panel. He spends his nights here in the warm weather keeping watch over his kingdom. Buddha is way too large to join him.

So the honeysuckle will scent The Crooked Little House for another couple of weeks if I'm lucky, then the ligustrum will take over with its visual delight. The small white blossoms of the bush are now ready to burst forth near my front door and lure every butterfly, bee and bird in the area to its richness forming its own food chain. This performance will continue for another few weeks.

Funny how when one thing ends, another is waiting in the wings to burst forth.

It's amazing how I get anything done at this worktable!


  1. All thru my childhood, we pinched the end of the stamen ,gently pulling all the honey out of the flower before bees came! Thus, was the sweet magical treat we coveted on the way home from school from the misunderstood Honeysuckle..
    For the last 9+years,I've been trying to repeat this time honored tradition in Ohio, to no avail. Where has all the honey gone?

  2. Patricia,
    Apparently I'm living in the land of honey! I've heard of that before but never tried it. Will do.
    Sadly, it's an invasive vine, not native to the beach, and it's taking over all the native plants. But I love it just the same.

  3. if you haven't already seen or heard.....
    google: giant pink slug"
    amazing creature!

  4. Thanks Patricia. That'll be my evening's entertainment.