Saturday, August 31, 2013

Show Season

The Crooked Little House now sports yellowing leaves scattered across the deck from the trumpet vine even though my moon flower is still blooming each night, unaware of the approaching end to summer. More chickadees have been showing up at the feeder and the butterflies are dwindling down. The light has changed, and even though the temperatures are still in the mid 80s, you can feel the shift in the atmosphere as though the shimmering air molecules have donned lightweight sweaters. And my wardrobe is shifting from turquoise and green, to brown, burgundy and orange, one of my favorites.

With the end of frantic order-filling days of summer exiting through the back door, my front door is opening onto show season. Most tourists with children are returning to their homes and lives elsewhere to begin school and return to work. The usual weekly rentals will slowly switch to weekend occupancy with visits from those that live closer to the barrier islands and just want a weekend getaway. They will come to walk the trails, climb the lighthouses, sample our restaurants and of course shop for those things they don't have where they live.

So now I'm preparing for five shows I have scheduled this fall, four group ones and my usual appearance the day after Thanksgiving at Seaside Art Gallery in Nags Head. But my first show is this coming Wednesday and Thursday. If any of you are visiting the island this coming week, stop by and say hello to me and the other fabulous artists that will be showing their work. For me, these shows are a chance to showcase some of the work I am most proud of that has been tucked away on the studio wall. So today I'm offering a sneak peak just for those of you that can't attend the show.

But for now, there is much to do before my first show of the season. So off to the studio I go.

"Dance the orange."    - Rilke