Saturday, September 28, 2013


For me, part of the responsibility of being an artist, a human being, and member of a community, is to share what you can to make our place on the planet a better one. That doesn't necessarily mean giving large sums of money, and being a full-time artist, it's pretty much impossible anyways. But I have other valuable things I can contribute like donating a piece of artwork or giving some time to share my knowledge. Our local arts council has gone through some much needed revamping over the last two years, and we now have an executive director and gallery director that have instituted exciting new programs and have taken a poorly run organization and turned it into something we can all be proud of.
Our butterfly booth, filled with young artists.

One of our unadorned butterflies before being glittered.
So today, on a picture perfect fall beach day, the annual Artrageous event was held, a day long celebration of art activities geared towards children. This year, instead of just a publicity based event for the arts council, the day's activities highlighted various community organizations in an effort to inform and educate people of their existence and what programs and services they offer. The arts council asked artists to volunteer to develop an activity for children to create, and they were paired with one of the community groups, a unique and unselfish idea. I was happy to be asked to participate and work with a group called, Mommy and Me. We helped young artists create butterflies that were decorated with markers, crayons and glitter then worn on their fingers and "flown" about, wings flapping in the stiff breeze. I came up with this idea because this is the time of year I usually see the Cloudless Sulphur butterflies migrating along the beach, mile after mile of yellow dots, tirelessly flapping off to a faraway land for the winter.

A group devoted to protecting our nesting sea turtles.

  It was a joyful day full of children laughing, sunshine, music and beautiful creations. Just what an arts council is supposed to represent. Good job everyone!

"When childhood dies its corpses are called adults."            Brian Aldira


  1. It was a great day. You would have enjoyed it.

  2. Great news about the arts council revamping - so important and needed. Bravo.