Saturday, September 14, 2013

Night Moves

I do my morning Tai Chi workout at 5 in the afternoon. It makes perfect sense for me since I do my best work late at night and rarely leave the studio before one in the morning. While colors flow and blend on the paper, Bonnie Raitt croons my own emotions back to me or Jimmy Fallon tells me jokes. Around eight or nine in the evening, I actually begin to feel a current of creativity forming and I feel anything is possible, pushing me down the hall to my worktable.

I have never been a morning person. I'll rise early if I have to, and I'll admit to all of you morning people that there is definitely beauty to be found in those unfamiliar hours. But to me, nothing takes the place of a hush-filled night filled with brilliant stars and moonbeams. While the rest of the neighborhood is dreaming of sun and surf, my lights glow softly in the studio where two felines spread their indoor bulk across the worktable, leaving me about eight inches of space to bring my creatures to life. Eventually a spat will occur when one tail touches the other or a foot bumps a rear end. Then my big Buddha will thump to the floor and find his box to squeeze into, patiently waiting for signs that bedtime is near. And my children know that I am always awake in the wee hours, so while other parents panic at a phone ringing at one in the morning, I smile knowing that it's time for a loving chat with my favorite people in the whole world.

I've been fairly productive these past few nights, playing the part of a mad hatter. Some of my bird images have already taken flight, winging their way to companies with a wing and a prayer that they might one day adorn their wares. Meanwhile, I am sure I hear another bird tweeting my name. We will formally meet this evening.

"Whatever light is, it seems to exist in a realm where there is no before and no after. There is only now."                                        Peter Russell


  1. More spectacular with each stroke of the brush.Where water,paint and vision converge upon paper,at the stroke of the midnight clock,that is where the Crooked Little House gives its' blessing.

  2. Oh that is so lovely, thank you! Letter coming soon, promise!