Saturday, February 1, 2014


After three days of cabin fever, I am now cured. The snow has melted, making it possible to back down my driveway and rejoin the world. Since I got a lot of painting done over the past few days, I decided to take today off and join my friend Eve for the day, exploring the little village of Edenton, about an hour and a half inland.

Edenton is the land of the tin roofs, something I never saw until I moved to North Carolina. They are everywhere, in all stages of wear. This house is one of my favorites with the umber-colored tin roof and the leftover snow looking like a giant flower petal over the porch. I've often wondered what it must sound like, perched in an attic room listening to a hard rain beat upon the tin.

Eve, an award winning photographer, wanted to get some shots of the big cypress trees, rooted in the winter-cold water, bony knees sticking up all around their base. But the highlight for me was seeing a large flock of wild turkeys, scuttling across the field.

This was one of those spontaneous days full of laughter and beauty and insights. The new season will be upon us very soon, and we won't be able to take a whole day to explore. Eve has a new gallery opening up, and I have new companies to dazzle. But this is what winter is for; keeping our friendships healthy and gathering inspiration to keep us going through the busy summer season.


  1. I cherish every encounter I have each fall and winter with the wild turkeys.

  2. I kind of feel that way about you!!!