Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lovey Dovey

This is the week for love; not just young love or married love, but love and passion for what we do, for our friends and for our fellow creatures that share our homes and wilderness. Over the last few days, these Mourning Doves have been meeting under the pergola to snuggle and nestle together. I managed to get a quick sketch done before they saw they were not alone.

preening for his love
I have a great love for my children of course but also for a couple of generous souls in my life - my brother and sister-in-law. Though we don't live near each other, we talk all the time, sometimes for hours. Lately I've been yearning for a new camera, one that would let me get closer to the wildlife I love so much. But it being winter when every penny must be counted for, I cannot justify spending any extra money.

A couple of days ago, a package arrived in the post for me from these two people. It was a camera I had only dreamed of. Here's my first pic with it. Excuse the blur; I need to learn to hold it steadier. It is of course of a Mourning Dove, asleep in a quiet rain, high in the cherry tree. So when I finish making my valentines, one will certainly be sent off to Massachusetts.


  1. I love mourning doves. I know they're common and plain, but they're such interesting birds.

    1. Nothing plain about them; their coloring is spectacular and they are quite amusing. Sometimes the simple things, though often overlooked, are the best.