Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spring has arrived!

One of the first signs of spring has arrived at The Crooked Little House, in droves! The Cedar Waxwings are here. Can anyone tell me why none of them have the red "wax" on the wings?
a small portion of the flock


  1. Liz, I checked in my Mom's bird book and under the description of "Color Pattern" it says, " Red waxy tips to the wing feathers are not always easy to see"!

  2. Thanks for that. I know these aren't young ones because of the breast and mask being so dark. But you would think with all of these birds you'd be able to see at least one of them with the wax drippings. But they sure are gorgeous. They'll only be here for a few days.

  3. I love those birds. They seem to have been invented by graphic designer. I haveonly seen one in Florida and he/she was dead on the sidewalk after having collided with a store's window. I hope you have survived all of the snow.

  4. So good to hear from you Lee. I so regretted being so busy last time you were in town. I do love these birds. They only stick around for about 3 days then off they go. Check out: facebook.com/emcorsa Email me and let me know what's up with you.

  5. Yes, hard to see. One crashed into our window and I found it; and was able to see the red....happy trails

    1. I poked through all the feathers and still didn't see any red.???????????????