Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Landlord Once Again

Once again, I have tenants in two of my five birdhouses and I expect the others will fill up soon. Chickadees have taken up residence in their usual house near the garage. I saw a large twig poking out two days ago and yesterday they managed to get most of it inside. You can see a bit of it if you look closely.

The house by the back door was built for swallows but last year a crested flycatcher (the only flycatcher that nests in cavities) took it over. This year I'm not sure who's in there. Grasses are poking out the bottom of the unit, and I've surprised somebody as I rounded the corner of the house. He/she exited with a flurry of feathers flapping, a dash of brown and but I didn't get a good look to see who it might be. The bird was fast and large. I know it wasn't a swallow. I'll have to make some time to sit quietly nearby and watch to see who goes in and out.

It's comforting to know that even with all the hatred and tragedy in the human world, love is still in the air this spring, for the birds, bees and maybe me.


  1. I miss watching birds together this time of year! I heard the first catbird the other day in Terry's yard...

    1. Do you recall how each night at exactly 8:30, the catbirds would come to feed on the moths in the ligustrum bush? We would set up our chairs to watch. Good memories.