Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Little Spring Music

To celebrate such a gorgeous spring day, I once again brought my cupid out from hibernation. He will remain perched under the pergola, ready to serenade evening gatherings and morning coffee breaks until the cold weather returns, many moons from now. The trumpet vines have tiny leaf buds now and soon will encircle the cherub, perhaps providing a nesting site for a pair of wrens.

And speaking of moons, I planted my moonflower seeds today, tucked among my usual red geraniums in a pot by the front door. This will give them a good early start. I even shared some of these precious seeds with my neighbor since he had never heard of them. These seeds are linked to a plant I first purchased about 10 years ago. Each fall, I harvest the seeds, tuck them away in the studio and plant them in April. The original plant lives on just as we all do through our children, our work and our good deeds.

Hope you celebrated the day too.