Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Three down, two to go.

Bird house number three has been rented to a pair of Carolina Wrens. Only two more structures available. The wren house overlooks the back of the dune, hidden away in a mass of black cherry blossoms. It's a safe spot, out of the eyes of the neighborhood cats and with a mound of softness beneath in case any fledglings tumble out unexpectedly.

The other two houses sit unoccupied for today; one along the ridge of pine trees on the back dune and the other dangles from the soon-to-leaf-out mimosa tree in the front of the house.

In this image I gave my Buddha a complete ear. (Most of you know he's missing part of one.) He spends his days on the back of the couch with his binoculars, spying on the birds. A new company that has licensed my work has made this image available on a variety of products and there's even some merchandise featuring Erb. This new line is available in many of the shops on the Outer Banks and will soon be featured in an online store. Check them out at;

Gotta love Erb's enthusiam.


  1. This morning we found some type of bird's egg on our upstairs deck. I think one of our cats probably found it and brought it home. I did the google thing and they said to put it where it was found and Momma may come back for it. I surely hope she does!!

    1. Good for you for making the effort!