Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another Little Piece of John's Heart.

Heart Sculpture by John Riddick copyright 2014
One of the most exciting things about being an artist is the opportunity to bond with other artists who work in
a variety of mediums, learning from them and sharing ideas. For me, the most inspiring artist is the young artist, just beginning to explore and create. They remind me of the pure joy of creating without any other agenda, and two of my very favorites are John and Christine Riddick.

This holiday weekend brought the couple home for a visit after having relocated to South Carolina last year. I was so honored that they took the time to visit with me during their whirlwind trip. But what blew my mind was the remarkable gift John brought to me.

Always working with hearts, I received a piece of John's heart - a large sculpture incorporating all things I love. A broken heart dangles a spider missing a leg with a bird trapped in the heart web. This photo doesn't do justice to the piece. John is one of those gifted artists chock full of soulful thoughts that just pour out through his hands.

So I thank you John with all my heart for this piece of yours.

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