Thursday, May 29, 2014

One More Time

So my sculptor friend John had one more surprise waiting for me; actually three more.

My sons both fell in love with John's work last year and I had decided to let them have some. Well yesterday, I got a message from John and Christine telling me they had left some things for me at one of our local shops on their way out of town.

What I discovered waiting for me this morning was the one piece I had so treasured and relinquished to my son and another piece similar to one I had coveted. But the big surprise was this awesome, and I do mean awesome, flower - a kinetic, I think the word is, piece of sculpture that moves. We had a steady wind today and the bloom gently wheeled in the wind above my rosemary bush. How poignant that this piece of art now stands among the rosemary, an herb that stands for remembrance.

The flower sits outside my bedroom window and will greet me when I open the curtains every morning. Whether sunshine or rain showers, there will be a bright spot at The Crooked Little House.

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