Monday, May 26, 2014

That's a Wrap

The show is all wrapped up and the last box has been unloaded from the car. I am exhausted.

Anyone who has done shows knows how intensive the labor can be; preparing, loading up, setting up, on your feet for two days always with a smile, take down, reload the car, unpack and put away. And I am finding that these days, people aren't attending like they used to. If they are, they are looking for a bargain.

Most of my clients visit my galleries when they want to make a serious purchase. I have always said when other artists complain about gallery commission fees, if you have a good gallery that works for you, they earn every penny. So with all these things being taken into consideration, I have decided to stop doing group shows. I will happily let my galleries and gift shops sell my art. Yes I will occasionally do a solo show when and if I can find time to put a large number of originals together. And yes, my regulars can still call me and come over and buy direct like they have for years. But I have earned a rest. I will leave my show space to the next up and coming artist. Thank you to everyone who has faithfully come to see me at various shows throughout the years. And please don't forget to visit those brick and mortar places that represent me.


  1. A well deserved rest....bravo! Put on the kettle as they say across the pond:)

  2. Thanks Patricia. I feel good about my decision. Life is about embracing change and for me, change is exciting, opening up new possibilities. It's all in how you look at it.