Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Greening of The Crooked Little House

Almost overnight, my yard has burst into a chasm of greens.

My moonflower vine has begun it's steady
climb up the rusted gate, and the ligustrum bushes will shortly erupt into masses of white flowers that will draw every winged creature for miles around.

The trumpet vine threatens to overtake the roof. That too will soon produce it's musical red blossoms, luring ants, leaf footed bugs and hummingbirds.

Besides the dizzying assault on my vision, it's the smell of green that gives me that heady feeling. I wish it could be bottled. I'd wear it on every part of my body.

Breath deeply the last few weeks of spring. Summer is nipping its heels, waiting to take over.


  1. I'm so with you on the smell of green! I love it and have often wished it could be bottled. There's a park in our city that we drive through to get from one suburb to another, and the road is lined with forest (deciduous, mostly), and every spring/summer, I lean my head out of the window and sniff it all in. It makes me so happy! And freshly mown grass is another favourite!

    1. A kindred spirit! I guess green is the smell of growth,of newness and of freshness. We should find a way to bottle it! I miss being near a forest now that I'm living on a barrier island. Thank you for commenting.