Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Backyard Architects

All's quiet at The Crooked Little House now that the baby birds have left their nests. All the birdhouses are once again empty so I cleaned them out to make room for the next tenants.

This nest took my breath away because of its size and shape - square, fitted perfectly to the birdhouse. I have no idea who the architects were since whenever I rounded the corner of the house, all I saw was a flurry of brown. But it has all kinds of marvelous things woven through it. I will put it in a glass vase and keep it on the mantle so I can explore it further and do some sketches. The wrens nests fell apart when I tried to get them out of the houses. They make very loose, messy nests. But I poked through them and saw lovely little feathers, spider webbing and other interesting items.

Already this morning, I spied one little bird popping in and out of the freshly cleaned house. And soon the happy noise of babies will once again fill the air to torment the neighborhood felines.


  1. amazing architects for sure...amazing artist.....a great combo!

  2. Thanks my friend. How is your new nest coming along?