Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Magic Paint Boxes

I have a deep love of vintage watercolor tins, the kind we used as kids, with little squares of color and a cheap brush tucked inside. They are quite hard to come by. But occasionally I find some at a good price that are duplicates of what are in my collection. These are the ones I turn into my Magic Paint Boxes.

Part of being an artist involves experimentation; trying new mediums, unusual vehicles to showcase the art, new ideas, etc. It keeps one from becoming stagnant. So here's a couple of pics of my newest magic paint box using a vintage Gothic Watercolor tin.

All my tins include an original painting along with an assortment of vintage items. I also include a list of all the elements explaining what they are and where they came from. One reason I think people like these is because they can be set on a surface or have a hanger attached and hung on a wall.

Vintage watercolor tins - the perfect format for an artist don't you think?


  1. You never cease to dazzle and inspire me! Brilliant!

    1. Thank you Patricia. I was just looking at the paint box from you last night. That stays in my collection!