Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Addicted to Clouds

Anyone remember the year I spent painting cloudscapes that culminated in a show at the state aquarium? I still miss the challenge and joy I felt while trying to capture these elusive forms. I skywatch constantly and imagine a brush in my hand, a watercolor block balanced on my knees as I quickly try to make every stroke count since the cloud will escape within a few minutes, never to be seen again, except on my paper.

An artist friend of mine is here now and we spent yesterday talking "shop". Of course we both got around to cloud-speak. After he left I noticed the sky while facing SW about 7:30 pm. It was so soft, the kind of sky that is difficult to capture since there are no hard edges or bold colors. But I darted inside, grabbed my stuff and perched on the deck to give it a try. Like riding a bike, I slipped back into the frantic, controlled pace and managed to capture an impression I find suitable. I'm trying to let go of my "all or nothing" way of thinking; I can still paint my clouds and use some of them as backgrounds for my animals.

It feels good to feed the addiction.

August 5, 2014    7:30 pm    South West

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