Friday, September 5, 2014

Generosity of Spirit

I live in a place where artists are constantly asked to donate work for all types of fundraisers. And for the most part, everyone does their best to respond positively. But what I find odd is the reluctance on the part of some artists to share information with other artists. I don't know if they feel they need to keep information to themselves because they fear competition or maybe they just feel they "earned" this information and others should figure it out on their own. Another reason might be, in this society, we don't give anything away for free. But I just don't get it.

So this brings me to my point - generosity. I recently discovered an incredible artist, quite well-respected, who lives on the other coast in a far away land called Oregon. He is a much better painter than I'll ever be yet I decided to muster my courage and comment on his blog to tell him how much I enjoy his work. This man, with such a generous spirit, not only took the time to respond but has turned me on to some wonderful new techniques.  I so hope he will read this one day. I don't feel comfortable sharing his information without asking permission first. After all, I might have some crazy readers, and I don't want to inflict that on him. ;) But one day soon, I'll share a link. He recently helped me learn how to work on Yupo paper, a synthetic paper that doesn't absorb water. Very tricky indeed. And I had questions - lots of them - which he took the time to answer.

I am sharing a painting I recently did of a favorite spot, Alligator River. It is not particularly well done. But I will get better with help from more accomplished artists like Randall. That's how we learn. And I feel as artists, we MUST share what we have learned. No one can paint as we do so there should be no fear of giving away secrets. All you will be giving away is knowledge and a bit of confidence to ensure we will always have artists to admire. Thank you Randall.

Alligator River     copyright E.M. Corsa 2014


  1. Thanks Patricia. I say Yeah for Randall. Thanks to him I got to try something so new and delightful; an experience I probably wouldn't have had without him.