Saturday, September 27, 2014

Knock, Knock

I decided I would spend some time outside on this beautiful fall morning, doing a few things that needed doing in the yard. I trimmed some limbs, stored away some summer items and decided to clean the birdhouses since all five of them had been used all summer long.

I was working on number three, neglecting my manners by barging in without knocking, when I realized I had disturbed a fat Cinderella mouse who had been fast asleep dreaming of cheese. He skipped onto my hand, gave me a impolite look, then dove into the underbrush, poor thing. He had made a lovely nest for himself so after a quick peek, I secured the house and hopefully he'll bravely return for an afternoon nap.

The rest of my work went smoothly, knocking on every house before forcing my way inside, and I got to visit with my friend the box turtle and some lizards, crows, chickadees, catbirds and mockingbirds.

Lesson Learned: Manners count, no matter who you're encountering!

We see each other on a regular basis by my grinding wheel.


  1. What a cute story :). I could see this small instance becoming a children's book and you could illustrate it! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, I have so many ideas like that. The problem is finding a publisher and finding the time to actually do all the work!