Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moon Magic

Sept. 5, 2014   8:40 pm SE
I've been watching the moon "grow" over the last few days, hovering in the night sky, lightly shining its charm upon my island. This past week, I decided to venture outside to try to capture an image of it, surrounded by wisps of clouds sporting a lemon-yellow halo hinting at weather to come. I braved the mosquitoes and came up with what I think is an enchanting little picture.

Night painting is an adventure; trying to get your eyes to adjust, dipping your brush into Payne's Gray instead of Ultramarine. Many painters use a headlamp but I don't take well to contraptions fastened to my head. And my neighbors find me crazy enough without adding to my reputation.

I prefer using these clip on lamps. I have one for my easel and one for my palette. They give just enough focused light for me to have somewhat of an idea about what I'm doing. It helps to know exactly where your colors sit on your palette and what mixes well with what for a night sky. Once the mosquitoes give up and the weather turns cooler, I'll be exploring more nocturnes from my deck.


  1. Sounds like a night cloud sketch class , complete w/ headlamps,might have students clamoring to sign up!

  2. No one has any interest in learning these things. Sadly, they just want to sit inside and draw where there are no bugs and there is plenty of air conditioning. If only they realized the experiences they are missing. I used to teach field sketching as you know and very few people were interested. But when I offer an indoor class, people love it.