Sunday, September 21, 2014

You, Me and YUPO

My idea of a fun Saturday night is not going out to dinner and a movie, it's having a friend over to feast on pizza and create art. So last evening, a friend arrived bearing a box full of dough, sauce and cheese, and we spent the night eating and experimenting with Yupo "paper."  (Actually, it's not a paper at all; it's plastic, and so much fun to play with. You've seen my work on it in past posts.) We laughed, talked about serious stuff and took a cake break.

What I find exciting about being an artist is trying new things instead of relying on the tried and true - getting over the fear and giving new things a try. So that's what I've been doing lately. Some of these experiments are frustrating and not for me, but the joy I feel when I get something right reminds me of why I became attracted to creating art in the first place. Yes, I will continue painting what I'm known for. I still enjoy creating those pieces and of course I have to earn a living. But every so often I will try something new. And this will bring a freshness back into my regular work.

Here's a little experimental cloud study I did last night. It isn't good. I know that. I kept working it, over and over till it resembled nothing I had originally intended. BUT I learned something, a lot actually, and that's the point. I will get better with practice just like with any new skill,  improving as time goes on.

To see someone who has mastered this "paper" and various other media, go to the website of Randall David Tipton. He is a true artist in every aspect of the word. And his kindness has encouraged me.

Try something new. Get out of the rut. Have some fun. Open new doors. Get the message?


  1. I like this one due to its bold colors,more delineation.It almost begs for a foo dog inspired butterfly.

  2. Thanks for your kindness. It is not a great painting but I cut it down and now have a smaller piece that is acceptable to me. Tough stuff this Yupo. But I am slowly learning.

  3. Ohhh...i think it's really cool!! And that sounds like a very fun evening that I would love too!!

  4. You're welcome anytime, as long as you bring any form of dough!

  5. I just discovered your blog on Randall's blog (from your comment) and I had to come over to visit - so glad I did. And love your cloud studies so much - one could paint a lifetime and do nothing but clouds, couldn't they? Will return for a visit soon.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I checked out your gorgeous work and signed up to follow you!
      My goal is to one day just paint clouds. I also see we have a love of crows in common. Nice to meet you!