Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Project

My friends know I am passionate about art, nature, family and friends and minerals. That's right, I have collected them since I was young, many of my specimens I have dug out of the earth with my own two hands. If a guy wants to impress me, all he need do is invite me to a gem and mineral show.

So with that being said, I am beginning an extensive project, a new card line featuring gems, crystals, rocks, minerals, whatever you choose to call them. I'm calling the collection, Stoned. 

All the paintings will be done on Yupo since it's the perfect "paper" for depicting my stones, then reproduced in the same manner as my other card lines. The back will display a bit of information about the shown specimen.

Here's my first painting of the inside of my Thunderegg. Ancient cultures believed the gods threw these agate balls down upon the people of the earth in anger at the way society was behaving. I've had times I would have liked to throw a few Thrundereggs myself.

Copyright E. M. Corsa 2014

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