Monday, October 20, 2014

Rocky Mountain, I Mean Beach...High

Yesterday was one of those perfect days; the weather was sunny with a bit of cool, little traffic on the highway, and I had the company of good friends. I think I have mentioned that I like rocks. No, that's incorrect, I LOVE rocks. So off to the gem and mineral show. I had one thing I really, really wanted, nothing else. I was going to be good - look, touch but not buy.

When we arrived, I made a bee line for the vendor I knew would have what I was looking for. He was the only one that had it. In fact I had never seen it in slab form before. Little pieces could be found but big slabs, never. I can't tell you what it is because one of my sons reads this blog and this is a Christmas present for both of them. And they talk.

I ran up to my guy and breathlessly said, "Hi. Great to see you again. Hope you're well. I'd like to purchase some _______ ____. He smiled, said he was fine, hoped I was, and no, he didn't have any with him. I was heartbroken. Now of course there were plenty of other stones to purchase that I loved but none could compare to what I had been dreaming about. I thanked him and began looking at other things when he came up to me and said if he could get a break, he'd go out to his trailer and see if he had any tucked away inside. He came back with two gorgeous pieces which I eagerly purchased.

I also purchased a piece of Larimar - only found in the Dominican Republic from a volcano. It reminded me of a piece of sky with clouds. In fact it's referred to as the stone of sea and sky. And I bought a small Larimar ring so I can wear a cloud, brightening my day when I have a rainy one. (I happen to love clouds as much as I love rocks.)

Yesterday was one of those perfect days.

The Larimar is the blue one on the bottom of the pic. Here's are some of the other "friends" I brought home - Serpentine, agates, etc.

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