Friday, December 5, 2014

Comfort and Joy

In a past life, I was a professional writer. As time went by I realized I couldn't continue to do both art
and writing full time. I chose my art because I think I am a better painter than writer. But my passion for words has stayed with me. I am a voracious reader, mostly non-fiction since I find truth more exciting than fiction.

I'm thinking many of you have guessed by reading my bio that I am a spiritual person. Many years ago I went through a life changing experience, and when I was alone and needed comfort, I turned to my favorite quotes and prayers to ease my soul. I feel this is the perfect time of year to share my
Book of Comfort, a collection of thoughts, prayers from all religions, and quotations, along with my own illustrations. This has turned out to be the perfect prescription when I need a little comfort.

One of my favorites:

God made my cathedral
Under the stars;
He gave my cathedral
Trees for its spires;
He hewed me an altar
In the depth of a hill
He gave for a hymnal
A rock-bedded rill;
He voiced me a sermon
Of heavenly light
In the beauty around me-
The calmness of night;
And I felt as I knelt
On the velvet-like sod
I had supped of the Spirit
In the Temple of God.

                         - Ruth Furbeeg

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