Monday, December 15, 2014

Uninvited Guest

Yesterday, a Sharp-shinned hawk came for breakfast. His deep red eyes searched the feeders for a tasty morsel, but this time, the smaller birds were too quick and eluded the agile hawk.

Sharp-shinned hawks are the smallest hawk in North America and often show up at my feeder throughout the winter months. They are a beautiful bird. At first I thought it was a Merlin that had been here before but the red eyes were a help in identifying it.

Does it bother me that I feed the smaller birds which encourages the larger ones to swoop in? No. The hawks must feed too. But I was happy to see everyone escape this time. I managed to get a few blurry pics and do this sketch while the hawk perched in the mimosa tree before lifting off in search of somthing to fill his stomach on this cold morning.


  1. We, too, have hawks that stay around the feeders from time to time. I am very impressed that you have a mimosa - my grandmother had a huge one in the front yard and it collected hummingbirds like crazy. I have planted one in the back yard and hope it will bloom in a few years.

  2. I have two mimosas and they pop up all the time, but I've never seen hummingbirds at them. What I do see are lots and lots of butterflies on the blooms. My hummingbirds tend to mob the trumpet vine that climbs all over the pergola.

    Happy Holidays to you!