Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back Where I Began

The Crooked Little House is small, more like a cozy cottage. Space has always been at a premium and like most artists, we always desire and need more of it to store all our materials including tables for framing, filling orders, shipping, as well as the paints and brushes and papers needed to create our masterpieces.

My house has three small bedrooms and when my two sons were young, I painted at the dining room table. When they left home to pursue their own dreams, I turned the master bedroom into my studio. I kept the smallest bedroom for me and the middle sized one for a guest room since friends and family end up here rather regularly. It's not the kind of guest room I'd like since lots of art stuff is stored in it, and when company is coming, I have to drag it all into the already crowded studio.

Now I also have a good sized dining room. I love this room. I love where it is located, the light and windows. I do entertain a little bit but most of the time, the table only gets used for plopping groceries bags on it as I unload them from the car. For some time, I have envisioned redesigning a bit so I could have my studio in this space. But it had to still function as a dining room when needed.

Well this weekend, I decided to give it a go. It's my house after all and it should please me. My "studio" is now back at the table where I once began. How funny is that? And the studio is now a fabulous place to fill orders, make cards, work on messy creative projects, frame and pack items for shipping. Finally I have enough space. And the guest room is now a welcoming place for a weary friend or child. Of course the desk and dresser are still chock full of artwork, but at least it's hidden.

So that was my weekend; lunch with a couple of friends yesterday and non stop hauling and cleaning today. Can't wait to have enough energy to work in my new space.


  1. Hopefully this will give you a charge with the new work :)

  2. Isn't it funny how I ended up back at the dining room table? But you will now have a lovely guest room next time you're here!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Honey. Still room for board games.