Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year's Day at TCLH

I took some time to walk around the yard this first day of 2015 to see how The Crooked Little House is greeting the new year. I thought some of you dear readers might enjoy seeing some pics. I have saved the most amazing one for last of course.

By my front door, the geraniums are still thriving. Maybe they'll survive the winter 
and bloom again in the spring.

The roosting box holds feathered creatures at night keeping them safe and warm.

My sweet angel keeps watch through sun, rain and evening's chill.

Blue bottles sprout from the earth offering a spot of brightness on cold, dreary days.

My rosemary bush is beginning to bloom. If you look closely, you'll see periwinkle blossoms that will lure hummingbirds even in the winter.

The camellia bush is loaded with buds and has begun to burst forth. 
I will take a few inside to float in bowls of water.

The holly still has some red berries left for the birds.

The bird houses sit cleaned and ready for the first tenants of 2015.

I'm hoping my old chairs on the hill make it through another season.

The trumpet vine has released its seeds so I am assured of many new vines to drape on the pergola.

This time of year, my alligator comes out of hiding.

Seashells and quartz share space with their cousin the river rock.

The mimosa tree assures its ancestry will continue.

The most amazing sight of all this morning!


  1. Your garden is lovely even in winter, and the "baker wren" is so very imaginative! May you continue to have fair weather, good health, and sweet animals to animate!

  2. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you. I wish you everything magical for 2015!

  3. Wonderful! Have you ever tried gourds, there? Love the wren!

  4. Thank you. I love gourds but always thought they were hard to grow. Any sites to recommend for a beginner?

  5. He stays hidden for most of the year. Happy New Year to you also.