Saturday, January 24, 2015

Signs of Spring Already

Here on my barrier island, spring arrives early. While walking the other day at a favorite site, I noticed lots of bushes with little nubs beginning to grow among the rosy colored stems. I think I read somewhere that the blush color first noticed this time of year means the "sap" is running.

Copyright E.M. Corsa

I've been thinking a lot about spring lately. Though I love the off season here, spring is when the island comes back to life; my wild cherry tree produces fairy-like white blossoms, the trumpet vine brings forth doily shaped leaves and the summer birds return, claiming their favorite bird houses.

When I lived in New England, the first sign of spring was always the robin. But now, when I hear that musical "gurgle", I know spring has sprung. The red-wing blackbird has become my robin. I read that they return to us in waves of three; first the breeding males scouting out their territory, then the females and lastly the juvenile males.

Last year I had one red-wing blackbird that would come to the feeders. Apparently he didn't share his find with the others because I only saw him.

So here's to spring, riding the coattails of winter.


  1. LOL! I think the redwinged blackbirds keep their secrets - we have one or two who come to the feeders but I see many more out in the neighborhood so those two keep their suet and birdseed at our house their own secret stash :)

  2. As development encroaches and there are less fields for these territorial birds to call home in Northern Va, their trill is heard less. But when I do hear their distinctive calls, I'm reminded of summer days long ago...a favorite sound. Thanks for your good works!

  3. That's why I make such an effort at The Crooked Little House to keep it more natural than the manicured lawns of my neighbors, and that's what draws the variety of wildlife. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.