Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thoughts of Spring

It may still be crispy cold outside but the sap is running in the trees and bushes and the light is most definitely changing. I predict spring will arrive early this year. I'm offering this image to take the chill off the day and remind you of what's to come.

This ligustrum bush stands guard by my front door and each spring it bursts forth with magnificent vanilla colored blossoms that only last for a couple of weeks. The variety of birds and insects that visit it each day is astounding.  When my youngest son was still living at home, he and I would sit on the deck each evening, and exactly at 8:30 pm, the catbird would arrive to pluck the little white moths from between the leathery leaves.

This painting depicts one day of visitors.

Copyright E.M. Corsa
I call this "Bee Bush" and it is executed in watercolor with touches of colored pencil. The bottom area is collage work with various handmade papers.

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