Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Quick Study

When my family was here over the holidays, of course they wanted to stop in some of the local stores to find some souvenirs to bring home. One day, we pulled into the Wings parking lot, one of the largest tourist shops on the beach, and discovered this gorgeous bird. Yes, I realize the dark humor in this.

We couldn't figure out how or why it had died since there were no visible wounds, and I couldn't leave the bird just lying there; it deserved better. I always carry equipment in my vehicle, whether to rescue a live animal or remove a dead one. You may think this is weird but many artists do the same thing. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to sketch from a "live" model, and it's also a way to honor this lost life,  appreciating how beautiful and remarkable it was.

I had a little time today to do a quick study. The proportions are a bit off, but I'll continue to study and do more sketches when I have time.

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