Thursday, February 19, 2015

Augury Anyone?

Copyright E.M. Corsa
After a nasty cold and a sleet-lined driveway, I finally managed to get out of the house and do some errands yesterday. When I arrived home, I found two beautiful cardinal feathers at my front door. This was a first since I have never found one before. There was no sign of a struggle so I don't believe the bird had been attacked. I believe I had been given a gift.

Augury is the general term used for divination by the flight of birds. Ornithoscopy or ornithomancy is the study of omens associated with birds, particularly those on the wing.  Alectryomancy is the word applied to birds that feed on grain or seeds, producing "letters" which are then interpreted. And oomancy or ovomancy is the reading of egg whites as they drift about in water.

If you are inclined to believe in such things, cardinals (and their feathers) symbolize personal power. They invite you to balance intuition and perseverance in order to reach your dreams and goals. If you know me, I do both on a regular basis, but lately I have been neglecting the perseverance part for a number of reasons. So was this a sign left for me? I tend to pay attention to anything in nature that is out of the ordinary.

When I finally got settled, I checked my email and the one project I had put a lot of effort and intuition into had come through with flying colors. To borrow my son's phrase, "Just Sayin'".

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