Sunday, February 8, 2015

Morning Mystery

I had a restless night so I decided to sleep in this morning. After rousing myself from a warm bed, I fed the cats and ventured outside to replenish the feeders since I saw my wren waiting patiently on the deck rail. And then I saw it, a box sitting on the top step with the lid partially opened.

My house is rather private, tucked atop a steep dune. It was a bit unsettling to think of someone at my front door while I was still walking in a dream. I have found things at my door quite often; mostly from people who figure out where I live, enjoy my work and just want to leave a little something. Occasionally they show up at ungodly hours to meet me and see The Crooked Little House in person. I have found people driving up and down the street looking for me. I have even found them a few feet from my pergola watching all my birds. But it's winter now, and the visitors are back at their homes. So I'm hoping this gift was left by a friend.

I brought the box inside and cautiously lifted the lid to reveal a bale of turtles, all shapes and sizes and colors. Turtles represent protection and intuition, both of which I can never have enough of and am grateful to receive.

So whoever you are, I thank your for your gift. Maybe next time, leave me a note so I can thank you in person.


  1. Thank-you both,you and mystery friend for this mornings inspiration.

    1. Thanks Patricia. Hope you're doing well.

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