Monday, February 23, 2015

Still Beautiful

I am always sad to see any creature that has died in an untimely fashion. I say untimely because I doubt this lizard would have died at the entrance to my garage unless he expired from the cold or had been injured by another critter. I'm guessing he was looking for a warm place to hide.

This is an Anole. Most people who visit my island see them scampering across decks sporting a bright green color and sometimes a pink dewlap appears when they are issuing a warning or looking for a mate. But when the weather becomes damp or cold, they can change to a dark brown or grayish color, hence the nickname, American Chameleon.

As a way to honor an animal, I always like to do a sketch and study the beauty of the animal. What a gift it is for an artist to have this opportunity. He will remain in the freezer so I can study him again at a future date before his burial near the hedgerow at The Crooked Little House.

This pic was taken overhead and the sketch was done when I was sitting to the right of the lizard. That's why the image doesn't match up. I also lightened him a bit to show more details like the barring around his body.

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