Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Natural Reboot

Cormorants   Copyright E.M. Corsa
Have you ever had one of those perfect days? I mean the kind that if you scripted it, it couldn't get any better? Well, today was that day for me and a friend. Even the air was laced with spring and I couldn't help gulping it in. The sun-filled day lured us off the beach to wander among woodland trails with feathered friends and frogs providing a sound track.

Goose Creek State Park on the mainland in Beaufort County, a new place to explore for me, offered us a Red-Headed Woodpecker as well as my first sighting this year of an Osprey building a nest. The air rose and fell with bird chatter, song and magic, and I would not have been a bit surprised to see a fairy or elf pop out from behind the gigantic tree roots. Druids would be quite happy here.

Later, we headed to a favorite spot of mine, Lake Mattamuskeet, where we inched through large groups of  American Coot, a duck-like bird with a glossy white bill. Geese, a couple of Northern Harriers, Swans and Cormorants kept us entertained for the rest of the afternoon. On the way home, deer fed at the edge of the woods and herons appeared along the canals, guiding us home to the sea and sand.

This was a day filled with inspiration and illumination, friendship and shared passion. It was a day filled with gratitude when everything aligned perfectly.

Cormorant drying his wings.   Copyright E.M. Corsa

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