Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Never-ending Story

Logo Copyright E.M. Corsa 
This Between Heaven and Earth series has really wrapped itself tightly around me. Wondering where it evolved from, I think it germinated with my fascination of the night sky years ago and has been growing in my mind ever since. I am always looking upwards, both physically and emotionally; the eternal optimist I guess. Then the clouds began to infiltrate my thoughts a few years back so I was drawn to my plein air cloudscapes.

I continue to produce new paintings and have done a selection of altered watercolor tins along this theme. I have found myself writing essays covering my thoughts and ideas. And recently I designed a logo which I am applying to every piece from this series; a small, one inch size stamp. Now I'd like to share another project I am currently working on - a handmade book. For some reason all the other things just weren't enough. I need to express my feelings on this subject in a book format.

I designed this book using a gorgeous crimson-colored cover from a book that was published in the 1800s. It is constructed with watercolor paper in a format allowing it to unfold and stand on a table or fold back into itself.

showing the first section of the book

This is the cover of my book. I added an illustration from an antique greeting card.

Here is the inside cover and title page. 
The bird is an original watercolor from a sketch I did 
of a little sparrow looking heavenward. But what is he so entranced with? 
Is he pondering the same thoughts I am?

My beloved Brown Thrasher perches in the wild cherry tree singing a joyous melody of celebration . He sings throughout the day until the gloaming sets in.

What do the birds see while occupying that sacred space?
 Do they gaze upon my rosemary bush in bloom,
 my pink mimosa blossoms and trumpet vine flowers? 

Oh to have feathers and wings and soar into a new perspective on the world.

But there are perils in that space too in the form of weather and birds of prey. And there are perils for us bound to the earth. This page holds an antique postcard of Prometheus who ultimately led to Pandora opening her box of woe. 
But without the troubles would we truly
 relish and be grateful for the joy we experience? 
For we are definitely offered joy every day, 
in the small things in the present moments.

I am about halfway through this book. 
I want to cover dreams and grace and gratitude 
and a few more topics. I'm also planning two more books using 
one cover from the 1950s and one on bird migration dated 1916. 
Will this series ever end? 

All artwork is Copyrighted by E.M. Corsa 2015


  1. One of your most beautiful works.....will be looking forward to seeing the completed book.....

  2. Thank you Kathy. It may take a while though.

  3. Thanks Patricia. I just wish I had more time!