Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Offering of Tins

As I further delve into this theme of Between Heaven and Earth, I find my fingers twitching to do more than just hold a paint brush. Altered art has always struck a chord with me especially when it incorporates a little bit of magic.
Copyright E.M. Corsa 2015 

Every so often I will take one or two of my vintage watercolor tins and work with them, adding papers and text and original paintings as well as vintage bits and pieces of jewels. They take a bit of time to complete but I find them quite rewarding. The tins are not readily available but I have a large collection to pull from. I am fortunate I have clients that eagerly scoop them up when I release them.

So to add another element to a solo show this May featuring my Between Heaven and Earth watercolor series, I have been working diligently on these vintage watercolor tins along the same theme. Some incorporate an original watercolor, some have vintage text and illustration from an 1873 bible that was given to me to use. There are crystals and feathers and all things wondrous to please the eye and encourage the imagination. And of course they all celebrate that spiritual plane that birds and butterflies and all creatures with wings know so well.

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