Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign!

Soon after I wake in the morning, after I feed the kitties of course, I step out on the deck, take a cleansing, deep breath and look for anything nature has decided to offer me. I especially take notice of things that are a bit unusual - a rarely seen bird, feathers at my door, or as this morning, a broken egg shell on my doormat. It has to have some significance don't you think? Eggs can symbolize rebirth, especially this time of year, as well as the beginning of new things, fertile ideas blossoming. My season is just beginning, and I have many new ventures in the works. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Within a few seconds of picking up the egg shell, two crows appeared, one flying and the other settling at the top of the pine tree. They cawed at me and just as quickly as they appeared, flew away. I tried to capture what I remembered with a quick sketch shown here. It's not accurate so please don't judge too harshly, but I was more concerned with getting what I felt down in my book. Crows are known to be prophetic and represent the presence of magical and creative potential all around us at all times. Well, I knew that! They also can symbolize aspects of a past live.

I have always enjoyed this poem about crows, one of my favorite birds. It was originally written about magpies. Next time you see a crow or two or three, remember this old English counting rhyme.

from the sketchbook of E.M. Corsa

One is for sorrow,
Two is for mirth,
Three is a wedding,
Four is a birth,
Five is for riches,
Six is a thief,
Seven is a journey,
Eight is for grief,
Nine is a secret,
Ten is for sorrow,
Eleven is for love,
Twelve is for joy tomorrow.

* Crow augury, based in Tibetan tradition, is a way of diving the future based on the cries, time of day and direction the crows are moving.