Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April at The Crooked Little House

My wonderful friends, John and Chris Riddick, brought me gifts of colored wings in the shape of dragonflies created by John himself. Some of you might remember the heart and spider sculpture he made for me. These fancies dot my railings under the pergola. I wonder what the real dragonflies will think. Will they be jealous of the vibrant colors?

Look how my vigorous trumpet vine has pushed its way between the deck railings! Of course this means I can't replace them now. But what would I rather have; new deck rails or a living companion that produces gorgeous, red trumpet-shaped flowers? I'll bet you know what my answer is.

The trumpet vine is exploding in leaves, all of which grow larger every day.

I spied this "itsy bitsy" near the front door, about 2 1/2 feet above the welcome mat. 
She was enjoying a late brunch.

Honeysuckle has appeared, startling my alligator!

Flower buds now dance with the wind on my wild cherry tree.

Soon my cherub will be covered in vines and blossoms, playing his flute for the hummingbirds.

A new set of bamboo wind chimes lull me to sleep each night.

And new stories unfold at The Crooked Little House under the watchful gaze of my resident cardinal.

Thanks for visiting.

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