Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Boat-Tailed Boys (and girls)

I tend to love all the birds everyone else despises. From the greedy starlings to the grackles to the cow birds and house sparrows. Just because they don't have the "manners" we wish they would adopt doesn't make them any less beautiful or valuable than the hummingbird or bluebird or cardinal. It's nature after all; we are born with the traits inherent to our species.

One of my favorites of these misaligned birds is the boat-tailed grackle. They are bold, loud and quite beautiful with their iridescent feathers which are so difficult to capture in paint. But what I truly love to watch is when they puff themselves up and let out a screech exclaiming to the world, "I Am Bird! Look how big and important I am!" I ask you, how can you not admire one with such self-confidence?

This beauty held his branch and kept his neon-colored eye on me the whole time I was sketching.

Copyright E.M. Corsa


  1. Well done! I do like the look of the grackles in the sunlight when their irridescent colors shine - but they are bossy birds and will take over the feeders if you let them. I know, just nature, but still, I want to help the little ones get to feed and not be pushed away (for my own benefit so I can watch them all!). Thistle feeders seem to do the trick = the bigger birds can't or won't eat at them.

  2. Thanks RH! I'm still learning how to capture that sheen!