Sunday, April 12, 2015

Pleasure Palette

I have always loved seeing how other artists work; the tools they use, their studio, etc. One of my favorite things in my studio is my palette. It's an old butchers tray, rather large and very messy! I rarely clean it; at the most, wiping a clean work area with a damp paper towel suffices. There are too many good mixtures on this tray to wipe them away.

At times, my palette looks like its own work of art. Sometimes, when I'm demonstrating, young children will wrinkle their nose when looking at it while others want to stick their fingers in it. I always let them, sometimes to disapproving looks from their parents. And I have had people admire it so much they've actually asked me if it was for sale!

So here's a close up of my palette. Don't you just love the intensity and the varied colors? Can't you just see all those small creatures just waiting to be loaded onto a brush and transferred to my paper?

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