Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's a small world.

I love all things small. The Crooked Little House is small; I drive a small car, and I work small. Whenever I see a lovely small frame I like I bring it home. Some of mine are quite old and ornate, just perfect to hold a wee bird portrait.

I spent yesterday outfitting some of my miniature frames with my plein air cloud paintings from years past. These will eventually host wrens, cardinals, bluebirds, finches, and others within their borders.

Working in miniature is quite enjoyable for me. But it's hard to convince the public that they are every bit as "worthy" of a decent price tag. Lots of people feel the price should go along with the size. Truth be told, it's much harder, at least for me, to work in miniature. But I'm doing them anyways because I think they will be charming tucked into the corner of a kitchen or powder room, bedroom or dining room.


  1. You're right about small - it can take more effort and time than painting big and loose and fast at times. Not sure we'll ever change the buying public's idea of what art is worth, though. And we always think of the masters as painting large but there are many small paintings - like the Mona Lisa - which are surprisingly small when seen in person (so I'm told, as I've never been to Paris to see it). I know Frida Kahlo's works were all fairly small (like her?).

  2. I do like her. But sadly, I think you're right. The public sees things one way... But for me, small works are like little jewels.