Saturday, May 16, 2015

May Days

May Days at The Crooked Little House.

Yesterday offered a buttermilk sky. The perfect day for peeking in on things around every corner and above every nook.

On the back hill, violets are spreading, putting up their heart-shaped heads, surveying their world.

Honeysuckle drapes itself along the deck railing; 
the sweet scent wafting through the open windows.

Mr. Redbreast watches me watching him from his perch on the side fence.

My trumpet vine is full and lush, ready to offer refreshing shade 
on the upcoming summer afternoons.

An abandoned House Wren nest. There was one more egg. They usually have 5 to 8 eggs. Look at the strings and feathers; even one from a Blue Jay! And I spied a piece of tinsel tucked into the grasses.

My favorite spot beneath the pergola. At night I place candles in the dragon chandelier.

Something or someone has been trying to gnaw its way into this house.

The air is punctuated with calls from this Catbird.

And two crows repeat the old rhyme from the telephone wires:
One is for sorrow; two is for mirth ...

Come back again. You're welcome anytime!

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