Friday, June 26, 2015

Birds and Bugs and Bear, Oh My!

For those of us who live on the Outer Banks, it's a rare treat to have the time to leave the island on a summer night. Typically our lives our filled with work and sleep during the season and we leave our fun excursions for the off season.

But last night a friend and I went over to Alligator River to look for bear. Not only did we encounter four bears, but we were also fortunate enough to see some wood ducks, numerous dragonflies and butterflies, hummingbirds, warblers, blue grosbeak, turtles, and of course millions of biting flies. We left the refuge under a summer sky filled with iridescent clouds and glowing edges, and traveled back to our island with lightning beginning to make its appearance over the bridge.

Please keep in mind I am no photographer!!! But I wanted to share these pics with you.

female wood duck
blue grosbeak
black bear


  1. What a great blog! Do the Black Bear ever venture out to the shore line when the summer has ended?

  2. No, they're pretty content where they are. It's a beautiful refuge.