Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Do ewe knit?

We have a fabulous yarn shop on my island. Well actually, it's more than a yarn shop. I don't knit but I swoon when I walk through the eggplant colored door to find a luxurious seating area on the left and wall to wall color everywhere else.

The owner has been a great partner in sales, always keeping my sheep cards in stock. Today I'll be delivering some bookmarks to them. The name of the establishment is Knitting Addition in Kitty Hawk, NC.  If you ever visit my island, stop by and say hello to Jeanne. You can also visit their web site -   Maybe I'll take up knitting in the off season.

Assorted sheep bookmarks


  1. What a great way to market your work locally - we should all do this a bit as there must be places to put our work other than galleries - like coffee shops, frame shops, stores that sell flowers or knitting supplies :)

  2. I sell to lots of specialty stores, and I must say, some of them do better than my galleries. Everyone should take a look at their work and see where it might fit in; flowers - flower shops, food paintings - bakeries, etc. It's a nice addition to regular outlets.