Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have not seen a garden spider, or writing spider as we call them, at The Crooked Little House in over 15 years. There used to be many of them but one year they, along with the lizards, frogs, walking sticks and others just vanished. There were theories; too hot of a summer, too cold, too much mosquito spraying by the town, etc. Who knows. But I am happy to say, yesterday, the most beautiful girl decided to make her home at my house.

The proper name for this beauty is Argiope. I noticed her after she had strung her home between the front door and the door mat, allowing me only a couple of feet to enter the house. So I gently relocated her to the urn near the door where she would be safely out of the way. Half an hour later, she was back to her chosen site. Once again, I had a talk with her and moved her to the pot. And sure enough, she came back. So I decided to her be and would be extra careful when I exited through that door. I also had to remember to tell friends she was there so they didn't harm her when they visited.

Look carefully, halfway up the wooden oar on the left.

What a surprise this morning when I carefully stepped outside to check on her and found her suspended above the urn of geraniums and trumpet and honeysuckle vine. She would get fat there with all the insects that frequent this spot. I noticed two more things. One; she has eggs meaning I will hopefully have garden spiders for some time to come, and two; she had written a message to me in her web. It simply said, "Thank You."

Writing Spider's new home.

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